“If someone listens, or stretches out a hand or whispers a word of encouragement, or attempts to understand a persons problem, extraordinary things begin to happen.”
Eleanor Roosevelt


Welcome to American Disabled Golfers Association website. The ADGA is a non profit 501c corporation created with the intent to help all disabled golfers who elect to play the game. We know golf is a game enjoyed around the world that should never be limited to only non disabled individuals.

With this being said, the ADGA is doing its part to help educate golf club owners, managers, teaching professionals, club manufacturers and industry partners regarding the importance of the needs of disabled golfers.

The ADGA has partnered with many golf courses throughout the nation. And with the help from WGTF and PGA professionals, golf course managers and golf course owners, we continue our quest of making golf accessible to everyone.


Everyone Deserves a Chance to Play

The American Disabled Golfers Association provides opportunities for disabled golfers. We do this not only with the help of our sponsors but also by conducting nationwide events that raise money for this cause.

If you would like to conduct an annual tournament event at your facility to help promote the American Disabled Golfers Association, please contact Robert Kleabir at info@theadga.com.

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